Sports Games Put On Hold In Anticipation Of Hurricane Irma

Sports Games Put On Hold In Anticipation Of Hurricane Irma

People pursue different interests. Some excel in school and get really high grades. They pursuit education endlessly until they get their Ph.D. degrees while others are more interested in the arts. The arts are a broad industry with the visual arts, performing arts, and many others comprising it. You can choose the niche you like and some even make a living in doing the thing they love the most as a performer or artist. Then there are those who are athletic and love to engage in sports. You can choose from physical sports and mental ones and the list is endless, actually.

While some sports activities can be done indoors and safe from the elements, others have to be conducted in bigger venues like an arena or a playing field. However, games must be canceled in case of inclement weather where the area itself isn’t safe for both the audience and the players. Examples of such sports are football. And with hurricanes hitting the country consecutively, it no longer comes as a surprise if games are canceled since we always think of human safety first, or if possible, moved to a different venue altogether.

FIU’s home opener against Alcorn State has been moved to Birmingham, Ala.

The game was orginally scheduled to be played Saturday at FIU Stadium in University Park, Fla., but will instead be played at Legion Field at 7 p.m. Friday, according to FBS Schedules.

“We have decided to relocate a number of our teams to Birmingham, Ala.,” FIU executive director of sports and entertainment Pete Garcia said, according to FBS Schedules. “I want to thank UAB Director of Athletics Mark Ingram, the University of Alabama Birmingham and the Birmingham community for their tremendous help and assistance. The UAB family has gone above-and-beyond to make us feel welcome.”


Another important reason why games are canceled or postponed if there are typhoons or hurricanes like the one hitting the state of Florida soon enough is to allow everyone to make the necessary preparations at home to secure their properties or evacuate if necessary. A hurricane of this power and magnitude is sure to cause a big damage to everything in its path, so it makes perfect sense to sacrifice games than the safety and lives of everyone.

As Hurricane Irma is tracking its way through the Atlantic Ocean with a projected weekend landfall in Florida, schools are adjusting their Week 2 college schedules to allow fans and students to prepare for the storm. As schools make announcements, we’ll update this post with the latest for each of the FBS programs in the projected path of the hurricane.

Miami: The Hurricanes’ road game at Arkansas State has been canceled with no plans to make up the contest as the teams do not share an off week later in the season. The University of Miami has canceled classes for the rest of the week, and Mark Richt has released his players to seek safety from the storm. 


Athletes really take their games seriously but hurricanes should never be ignored either knowing that places like Florida, for instance, often get hit bad and Hurricane Irma is projected to hit with a force never before witnessed by many. Even schools and offices have closed down to ensure that everyone is with their families at a difficult time like this one after hearing the devastation left by this hurricane in other places it has already passed. With no games to think about, everyone can focus on securing their homes and staying out of harm’s way. New schedules for these games haven’t been discussed yet until everyone sees what it is like after the storm has passed.

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