Transform Your Business Through Blogging

Transform Your Business Through Blogging

Many business owners often make the mistake of underestimating the power of the written content. They think most contents or blogs do not generate money. They are just a waste of time, effort, and the company’s resources. Well, times have definitely changed because words mean so much more and they certainly can bring in all the bucks. With the advent of the World Wide Web, a lot of things have gone digital and have been automated. Your business doesn’t stop simply because the sun is down and the moon is up and your store doesn’t necessarily have to be open 24/7 for it to keep on making money. It may sound like a sorcery in previous decades but this is the reality of our modern times. You can keep growing your business, making sales, and reaching out to your target customers any time of the day as long as you establish and maintain your online presence.

Smart technology enabled individuals and businesses alike to stay connected to the world on their fingertips regardless of time and distance. It is a new frontier that is proving highly beneficial to those who have the foresight to comprehend what all these changes mean to the global economy. And blogging plays a more pivotal role than ever in any institution or company because it communicates their message to the public at all times without fail as long as they are able to capture the words (and the message) they want to convey.

If you are marketing to businesses or consumers, you need to have blog posts in your arsenal. Yes, you will leverage other content marketing channels and communication mediums, but blogging should rank high on your list of content assets to develop.

Need some ammo to make the case? Let me give you three.

  1. Stats don’t lie.

In a survey delivered to B2B marketers, respondents revealed that blogging (65%), social media (64%) and case studies (64%) were the top three marketing content and formats utilized. In fact, 80% of B2B marketers and 75% of B2C marketers say they include blogging among their current techniques.

On top of that, data shows companies that published 16-plus blog posts per month got about 4.5 times the leads than companies publishing zero to four monthly posts. And 53% of marketers say blog content creation is their top inbound marketing priority.


Remember that a big majority of the population is so active on social media these days. You can devise your blogs or contents to be posted on your company’s social media channels or provide a link that directs the customer to your website where they can see for themselves what your company is all about and read about all the things that you can offer on the table. You don’t have to be there all the time to answer customer questions. Just whip up some really helpful contents that will guide your readers (and hopefully, future customers) on just about every aspect of your business. You’ll be surprised how many of these curious onlookers were converted to actual sales because they found what they need through your blog or the amazing content you provide on your own site or social media account. By using the right words, you also make your site stand out among the web traffic and among the first ones that the public sees during regular browser searches.

If you’re also not yet sold on the idea, here are five reasons why you should seriously consider blogging for your business:

Show the personality behind your business

Because your customers buy into the 1% that makes your business different rather than the 99% that makes you the same as every other competitor, a blog can give you the chance to showcase your uniqueness in the way you write and the topics you choose to write about. By writing blog pieces that are related to what your business and employees are most passionate about, you can ‘humanise’ your brand, making it more relatable and ultimately more likeable too.

Connect with your customers

Your blog can add great value to the lives of your customers, and it can do so by addressing topical issues or sharing solutions to the problems they are faced with. Not only will it give you the opportunity to engage in discussions with your current customers, but it can also serve as a source for reaching and forming new relationships with potential prospects. The transparency and authority you show on certain subjects is synonymous with fostering trust and credibility in the eyes of your customers.


If you have the flair for writing, take advantage of it and showcase to the world what sets your business apart from the rest. If you are not that savvy with words, hire someone who is to convey the message you want to share with others and attract the kind of traffic that you want. Of course, you should always make it a point that all your materials are related to your business or the niche you are in and should be timely and relevant as well. Spice things up with seasonal contents that share the sentiments of the public or gain your authority in the filed by publishing contents that talks about your mastery of the product or service you are offering. Learn to strategize with the type of content you post and over time, people will flock to your site and your business because you provide them real value for their money, which is what makes a lasting impression to the public.

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