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The Prevalence Of Poverty

The Prevalence Of Poverty

We see a lot of beautiful and interesting things on the web lately. Even on the mall, lots of nice stuffs are on sale. Popular celebrities sport all the latest fashion, from clothes, shoes, and accessories to going to all the hottest events and locations. We surf the web and see all these things daily that we temporarily get blinded by what we see mistaking it for real life.

Unfortunately, there is another side in life we seldom see highlighted on the web or by media but is everywhere around us. When we go out of our homes and travel to work or school each day, we see poverty all around us. This reality is especially true in developing or third world countries where people can barely make both ends meet. Even earning enough to buy food for the day is a struggle for many families and the homeless are often ignored.

It is a shocking – but sadly unsurprising – statistic that β€œone in four households struggles to

NYC Politics Leaves Scars

NYC Politics Leaves Scars

You want to talk about stress? Picture this. You are sitting in the first row of the cavernous hail in Brooklyn where the New York City Board of Education meets.

At your feet lies a hoard of news media types, cameras in hand, clicking away as if they need to use up all the cheap film in their expensive cameras. The hot television lights are reminiscent of those in your favorite tanning salon. Reporters feverishly scrawl notes on their pads, and you wonder what facial expression or body language they are reading and recording for their stories. The house is packed, standing room only.

The big hullabaloo is the culmination of my two-week roller coaster ride.


Finalist Status

It all started with a phone call from a consultant wanting to know if I was interested in becoming the chancellor of the New York City public school system. Two years earlier I had been a finalist for the

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