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Protect The Bees, Save The Earth

Protect The Bees, Save The Earth

Everyone on this planet serves its purpose. From the tiniest of insects to the most in-demand of crops, our lives are interconnected and we all benefit from each other – albeit not all the time – but more often than not.

While humans only see the bigger things in the picture like the flowers that bloom and the fruits on a tree, we fail to realize the means for them to grow and bloom like that. Bees have a lot to do with many things in nature. Although we often associate them with making honey, they help in the pollination of most plants and flowers and are far more important than we give them credit for.

Cas Olivier would like to create as much of a buzz as possible about conserving bees and relocating them, rather than killing swarms in Madibeng. He is calling on anyone interested in helping him.

Cas, who is a well-known bee-farmer from Hartbeespoort, is one of just a handful of bee lovers in the area,