Hiring The Best Blog Hosting Service

Hiring The Best Blog Hosting Service

bbhsPeople who are trying to find out how to start a blog usually have no idea where to start, and hiring a hosting provider can be very confusing. One sure thing is that hosting is a must, but the question is, how do you find the right provider? There are exclusive blog companies, web hosting and web hosting resellers, and the first two groups can be either free or paid.

Before making any choices, every blogger should know what exactly they need, because there are people who want to create blogs in order to share their point of view, while others want to earn money. There are bloggers who have no knowledge on encoding, so they need a provider who offers simple interfaces. On the other hand, professionals want to control their blogs, so they search for unlimited features. Choosing the web hosting services over blog hosts, and vice versa, usually depends on blogger, how much he knows about technical stuff, and how dedicated he can be. People who wish to make money through their blogs should turn to blog hosting providers, especially because they have better chance to be seen by everyone. After figuring this out, one can move on to the “how to start a blog” process, and start making quality content.

The Battle Of Blogging Platforms

Those who have realized how much benefits blogging can bring along usually want to learn how to start a blog immediately. This takes more than good writing skills and passion, and the first thing is probably choosing the right platform. The Blogger and the WordPress as the most popular ones are usually compared but they both have pros and cons that must be considered.

Blogger was created by Google, and it is a great choice for beginners in this area, because it is easy to use and set up. It goes great with various Google applications, and for just $10 a year, one can get a domain name and hosting service as he needs. The major reason people choose WordPress over Blogger is the so-called unprofessional look of Blogger. WordPress is a great idea for those who consider creating a business blog, and it is constantly updated. There are many templates offered by WordPress, and they may be free or paid. When it comes to hosting, the WordPress suggests some of the best providers, for the best price. After making the choice, comes the process of learning how to start a blog and how to write engaging articles that will attract the audience.

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