Deported And Stripped Of Any Liberty

Deported And Stripped Of Any Liberty

A citizen has inherent rights of the land. Most government constitutions talk about that. However, people who gained illegal entry to any state and stayed there indefinitely don’t get to enjoy the same liberty as a natural-born or naturalized citizen of that country does. You are stripped of your personal rights and often treated like garbage by the government and the officers in uniform and will likely be deported once caught.

If you are one of those illegal immigrants living in the home of Uncle Sam, now is not such a good time to stay here any longer. However, that should not be a problem at all as President Trump will take care of it for you. He is purging his country of people who have no right to take delight from the fruits of the land when they are not its rightful citizens themselves in the first place.

Deportations of this scale, which has not been publicly totaled before, could have widely felt consequences: Families would be separated. Businesses catering to immigrant customers may be shuttered. Crops could be left to rot, unpicked, as agricultural and other industries that rely on immigrant workforces face labor shortages. U.S. relations could be strained with countries that stand to receive an influx of deported people, particularly in Latin America. Even the Social Security system, which many immigrants working illegally pay into under fake identification numbers, would take a hit.

The new instructions represent a wide expansion of President Obama’s focus on deporting only recent arrivals, repeat immigration violators and people with multiple criminal violations. Under the Obama administration, only about 1.4 million people were considered priorities for removal.

“We are going back to enforcement chaos — they are going to give lip service to going after criminals, but they really are going to round up everybody they can get their hands on,” said David Leopold, a former president of the American Immigration Lawyers Assn. and an immigration lawyer for more than two decades.


While many support his advocacies of ridding the country of illegal aliens, his means aren’t always admirable. But it seems that he isn’t easily deterred by the criticisms of others and is intent on tracking millions of these people who gained entry to the US illegally by hook or by crook and send them back to where they came from.

The Executive Order on Promoting Free Speech and Religious Liberty directs the IRS to provide “regulatory relief” to faith-based organisations that are tax-exempt, a White House spokesman said on Wednesday night.

A current provision in the US federal tax code, known as the Johnson Amendment, says that churches can be investigated and lose their tax-exempt status if they directly support or oppose any political candidate.

Since he cannot repeal the law without congressional legislation, Mr Trump is directing the IRS to “exercise maximum enforcement discretion to alleviate the burden of the Johnson Amendment”.

Few religious groups are known to have lost their tax status for violating the law, despite many churches openly advocating for political causes and hosting candidates during their campaigns.

“A crippling financial punishment,” Mr Trump said ahead of his signing, adding “very, very unfair. But no longer”.


Many Americans are outraged at this move of President Trump and consider it highly discriminatory, thus sparking a heated debate and rallies outside the White House among protesters. It may also be a form of bullying of the executive body of religious organizations that do not support him or his policies.

Fortunately, people are more open about their views now and you can reach out to the legislative body (the Congress and Senate) to ask for a bill to be passed or supported such as this bill This check-and-balance ensures one aspect of the government doesn’t go on a power-trip like what it seems to be President Trump is onto these days.

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