Children Obsess Over Their Looks And It Is Not Good

Children Obsess Over Their Looks And It Is Not Good

Parents always tell their kids they are the most beautiful or most handsome child in their eyes. Well, it is true in a way because parents really see their children as precious gems that mean the world to them regardless of their imperfections. But we all know this is subjective and children will eventually have to confront the criticisms of others especially if they are not as special as they were led to believe growing up. Add to that the pressure and confusion of puberty as they discover more about their body and changes are taking place from head to toe that is worsened by their raging hormones.

Young kids actually do get depressed because of their looks. Adults may shrug it off and think of it as a passing phase but it is not always the case. Some kids subject themselves to self-harm or even commit suicide because they do not know how to cope with the issues they are facing in their young age that mostly stems from their body image. Looks matter for younger kids because they get teased, ridiculed, or bullied if they don’t look the part and this type of bullying has worsened because of the advent of the web and social media. Kids put a high importance on social acceptance of their peers as a big factor in their lives. If they aren’t accepted, their world gets smaller and they feel isolated from the people around them and it’s made more obvious by the various technologies we use today.

Negative body image issues are driving young girls in Northern Ireland to call Childline seeking help, advice and support.

Some youngsters are so concerned that they are even trying to change the way they look and the problem intensifies if they find themselves the victim of bullying.

Last year at least 40 girls in Northern Ireland aged 11 to 15 received counselling for worries about their body image while three sessions were delivered to boys. In a further 11 cases, the child’s gender was unknown.

But it means that girls are up to 13 times more likely than boys to receive support from the charity helpline for worries about their weight, issues with acne and general appearance.


There are places in the world where kids find it difficult to open up to their family or close friends about their fears and insecurities regarding the way they look. It’s no laughing matter either because a child’s life is in danger without us knowing because of inner demons only they know they are battling with. By offering support even when not asked, adults can uplift a child’s spirit and help them overcome their body issues that may not always be lasting. This is especially helpful for kids this age (girls are at higher risk) often feel helpless and lack the knowledge and willpower to push forward despite the harsh words of other people.

Childline founder Dame Esther Rantzen said: “It’s very sad and extremely worrying that girls in particular are so unhappy with the way they look.

“Without the right support and a general change in attitude across society there is a real danger these issues could intensify and continue into adulthood.

“It’s important all young people realise that everyone is different and everyone has the right to and be comfortable in their own skin. Childline will continue to provide vital support for any girl or boy who is struggling with a body image problem.”


Many are actually surprised to discover how big of a problem body image issues among young girls have become to the extent that they will call on Childline for support. Are their parents unaware of the struggles their children face each day? Why can’t kids open up to their family at home? Just how badly depressed they are and concerned over their appearance enough to prompt them to seek outside professional help? It’s sad that they equate their worth to the way they look, which isn’t the only universal standard for beauty. Your unique traits are what make you special and this has to be communicated to all the young kids both boys and girls, so they don’t get frustrated over petty things enabling them to channel their time and energy into more positive and fruitful endeavors.

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